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Post Loads is an easy way to advertise your available loads or trucks across the internet. It’s simple. You post your loads on PostOnce, and we post them on a wide variety of internet load boards and freight matching sites. We named our site PostOnce because we let you do just that. Post your loads ONCE with PostOnce.

Post Equipment

You want to do the right thing, however, who has time to go back and update several posting services during the day? With PostOnce.Net you can SAVE MONEY. Use PostOnce.Net to update your equipment posting status once, and again, we do the rest! PostOnce.Net saves you and your associates time and money!

Posting Partners

We work with many posting partners, which guarantees that your loads and equipment postings will be seen all over the internet. With 22 free load posting websites, 17 free equipment posting websites, 6 free broker search websites and 6 free trucker search websites, PostOnce is available everywhere!

Want to Improve Your Profit Margin?

If you represent a truck line, steamship company, ship line agency, terminal operator, broker, or other member of the transportation industry,we can help you be more profitable! By giving members the ability to enter their available container equipment, we can match those containers with loads destined for your home port or for export.

Why do I want to use the

Posting loads on the internet can be time consuming. There are so many load boards and freight matching sites out there that you can’t possibly post to them all in a reasonable amount of time. We do the work for you, so you can focus on making money.


User Guide

PostOnce is a powerful tool that will enhance your area of the Transportation Industry, whether you are a Shipper, Broker or Motor Carrier. We listen to our members! If you have a suggestion on how to make PostOnce a better posting tool, please send us an email with your ideas. Remember, PostOnce is your posting program!
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About PostOnce

If you are posting to more than one load or truck posting service you need to talk to us. You can now post once and post to all the posting services you are a member of in good standing. This will save you time and money, and time is money!

Terms & Conditions

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  • * Move your loads faster with more people seeing your loads.
  • * Get your backhauls full by advertising your available trucks.
  • * Be seen all over the internet.
  • * Reduce unnecessary calls:  If a load is taken, remove it from all the load boards quickly.
  • * Make More Money!

What do I get with

  • * Unlimited postings for a flat price.
  • * Free unique available loads and trucks.
  • * Be seen all over the internet.
  • * Ability to post to a wide variety of freight matching services and internet load boards.
  • * Ability to create fax or email pages that can be sent directly to your market.