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Welcome to the PostOnce.Net.Net User's Guide

PostOnce.Net is a powerful tool that will enhance your area of the Transportation Industry, whether you are a Shipper, Broker or Motor Carrier.

We listen to our members! If you have a suggestion on how to make PostOnce a better posting tool, please send us an email with your ideas. Remember, PostOnce is your posting program!

As you go through this update of the PostOnce User's Guide, look for the following icons:
This will alert you to the new features in your PostOnce Account.
Watch for this icon, it will appear throughout the User's Guide with helpful hints to ensure that you receive the most benefit from your PostOnce Account..

Please take a minute and fill out the PostOnce Survey, which is the 5th option on the "Home" menu". We would like to know what is important to you and how we can tailor PostOnce to suit your collective needs!
If you need assistance with your account or billing please contact the PostOnce offices. Edith, Emile, or Danielle will be happy to assist you.

Thanks for using We appreciate your business!
The PostOnce Team

What can you do with a PostOnce Account?

S-T-R-E-T-C-H your posting $$$$$$ !!

Post once and only once!
Add, delete and modify your postings from one convenient site.
Take control of your load and equipment postings on multiple posting sites.
Unlimited Posting.

Railroad Equipment
Intermodal Equipment
Intermodal loads
Power Only

Multiple Users.
Accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.
Dynamic Web Dispatcher Web Pages listing your Load and Equipment Postings!
Smart Email Lists (Beta) - Automatically send your Loads or Equipment posting lists by email.
PostOnce Marketing Package - Combine your Web Dispatcher Web Pages with your Smart Email List (Beta) to Market your Company!
Pin points areas of your account instantly with the PostOnce Menu.

Cut down your posting time with the PostOnce copy feature.

Share posting information with co-workers with PostOnce Private Notes

Need to re-post a deleted posting? With one click of them mouse, PostOnce will do it for you!

PostOnce News Box - Helpful hints to enhance your posting experience, and alerts about the status of your PostOnce Account.